Is Your Heat Going Out The Window?

Have you ever driven past a building in the middle of winter and you have seen the windows are wide open in some apartments? One of the major problems in this industry is that during the heating season some, apartments are too cold, while others are so hot that they need to open their windows.

A heat distribution problem occurs when a building superintendent receives a few phone calls from residents that there is not enough heat in some apartments. He then goes to the boiler room and boosts up the heating panel, which puts too much heat in some apartments and causingĀ  the unbalanced heat situation.

This ends up costing thousands of dollars in unnecessary energy costs for the property. As it is, the costs associated with the generation, distribution and transfer of heat in multifamily buildings account for two thirds of the total amount spent annually on utilities. This cost does not include expenses related to the operation and maintenance of outdated or poorly maintained equipment, inefficient or non-operable mechanisms of distribution.

Dramatically reducing energy-related operating costs is possible with our comprehensive heat distribution program. Find out more about our steps to rectify this issue by clicking below.