Is There a Communication Breakdown?

Communication is the most important part of management. Communication with the Board of Directors and residents are equally as important. When problems arise, you have to ask yourself if you’re going to be proactive about it, or just ignore the problems.

Not Communicating with the Board:

The Board of Directors/Managers continuously have questions and need to contact their management company. The Board will want to know what the finances look like, and they will also contact management regarding if a resident complaint has been resolved. Many management companies get these requests from Board members and do not respond in a timely fashion. Sometimes they do not get a response at all.  Very often managers will wait until a few days before their next Board meeting, and then scramble to get all the information that has been requested of them from their previous board meeting. That is not being proactive – the longer management waits, the longer it seems that they’re not doing their job!

Not Communicating with Residents:

Residents will very often call the management company with complaints. These complaints are usually very genuine, such as no heat, no hot water, roof leaks, brick point problems, windows not working, or an infestation of cockroaches or mice. If the manager doesn’t instruct the superintendent to get that situation under control, that resident will have a chronic complaint. That person can even go to a state, city or township regulatory agency, and the property could possibly get a violation.

When Precision Management has interviewed for potential properties, Boards have mentioned that their complaints often go unanswered, and that they get complaints from the residents that the management company isn’t getting back to them about a severe problem. This is not only a problem for the Board, but plagues that particular unit owner or resident’s quality of life!

Resident Conflicts Can Affect Quality of Life  Too – and Damage Your Property:

A resident’s quality of life isn’t just affected by building issues – but even by other residents themselves. Very often a resident will complain that a resident above or below them is blasting music, they have their TV running late at night, they’re having parties, or they’re walking around loudly without carpeting. The last thing the Board wants to hear about is the property is being damaged by residents banging on ceilings with a broomstick, or worse – having someone flood the apartment below because they’re upset and want to get even with them.