Building Inspections Cannot Be Managed From Behind A Desk!

Too many management companies manage their properties from behind a desk. It happens with many, if not most, building management teams once they are given a contract! The principal owners of other management companies very rarely get out and walk the building from rooftop to boiler room – without physical inspection, you simply do not know the building that you are managing.

What then happens is the management company relies on the board or residents to define the problems, and vendors to rectify the situations.  When a resident or Board member calls the management company with a problem, most managing agents simply pick up the phone and call the appropriate vendor and let them handle it. This is always going to be a problem because the vendor in most cases will handle the problem in a way that best suits the vendor and is not in the best interest of the co-op/condo owners.

A managing agent is trained to see things that other professionals might miss. That is why it is very important for the management company to visit the property, so that they have a clear understanding of what the problem is. Only then can they come up with the right solution.

At Precision Management, one of our executives will personally oversee the building and visit on a monthly basis. Find out about our high standard process by clicking below.