Energy Costs Are Burning A Hole In Your Budget!

Feeling the burn of high energy costs? Inefficient fuel and outdated boiler systems can eat a big hole in your budget!  There are two major reasons for this:

Oil Is Expensive
Is your building using oil instead of gas to heat your building? Oil is more expensive than natural gas. If you were using natural gas in your building, you would be spending at least a third less, depending on the type of oil. In some cases, like with #2 oil, you’d be spending 50% less!

Wasteful Heating Plant
Does your heating plant operate all day and night to make hot water? It is wasting precious energy! Imagine a boiler the size of your living room having to operate continuously to provide residents with only small quantities of hot water. This is inefficient because the entire heating plant boiler has to get hot just to maintain hot water.

There are, however, solutions to the headaches of high energy costs and inefficiency.