SOLUTION: Personal Oversight and Monthly Inspections

What makes Precision Management extremely unique is that once a new contract has been signed, one of our owners or principal executives will manage the facility until they feel that the building is running like clockwork. At that point in time, if the Board and Precision agree that everything is running smoothly, the principal owner or executive will introduce several property managers for the Board to select to manage the property moving forward.

The principal or executive from Precision Management will continue to visit the property on a weekly basis once this transition has taken place. They will inspect the building along with the manager and the superintendent from rooftop to boiler room. This gives us a very good understanding of the property that we are managing, where the deficiencies are, and where the manager needs to put his attention when working with the building superintendent.

There is a certain high standard at Precision Management that must be maintained at all times. Only one of our executives will be sure when walking the property on a weekly basis that this standard is being maintained!