20 must do’s before heading south for the winter. A must read for all snow birds!

Here are a few helpful check points before you closing up your unit.

  1. Turn off or set your hot water meter to vacation setting.
  2. Make sure your water supply is turned off at the service entrance.
  3. Drain all the water from the system from lowest outlet.
  4. Place non-toxic antifreeze in all drains and toilet bowls. Which can be purchased from any RV or Boating Supply store.
  5. Be sure to drain and blow out all exterior hose connections. You don’t want anything freezing up, expanding, and then bursting and ruining your valuables.
  6. For air circulation open all sink cabinet doors.
  7. For security reasons place pieces of 1×2 wood, in all first floor windows to hold the bottom sash from being opened from outside
  8. Lower all window shades or close all blinds and store your furniture, rugs, etc. so they do not fade.
  9. Place a wooden pole in the track of all sliding doors, and lock garage doors from the inside.
  10. Don’t forget to shut off your pilot light to gas fireplace and close the damper and or fireplace doors.
  11. Disconnect power to all appliances, computers, modems, printers, TV, etc.
  12. If you do happen to want to leave some lights on, make sure you put them on timers.
  13. Empty all perishable food from refrigerator. This is also a good time to wash out your refrigerator.
  14. Lock garage door from the inside. Remove any liquids from garage which could freeze, latex paint, etc.
  15. If you have a refrigerator in the garage remember to disconnect, empty and properly prop the door open.
  16. Cancel all newspaper deliveries and other deliveries.
  17. Place a draft block under door from garage to house.
  18. In case of emergency give your key to a close neighbor, friend, etc. Along with your key give them your phone number just incase you need to be reached.
  19. Have someone come check the house at least once a week to collect the mail and water the plants.
  20. And last but not least remember to set your thermostat at, 62 degrees “HOLD”. This will keep a constant heat on in the house. Just like you your unit needs to be comfortable during the winter.

Enjoy your time in the warmer climates!