Precision Management Group Recognized for 10 Years of Outstanding Performance by Willow Ponds on the Sound Homeowners Association of Suffolk, NY

Ten plus years ago Precision Management Group came on board to manage our 222 unit HOA. Originally, the third phase had not even been constructed yet and Precision had the task of successfully completing all the punch list items from the builder in Phase I and Phase II which was very exhausting.

The years that followed Precision Management was successful in hiring contractors, i.e. landscapers, roofers, pool companies, etc. Precision also supervises a sewage treatment plant and in the past ten years has not received one violation.

One of the more outstanding attributes that Precision maintains is mediating between unit owners who have difficulty with their surrounding neighbors. Moreover, Precision has put together policies for our renters to insure that they follow the rules and regulations of our HOA.

In the past several years we have suffered severe winters and Precision Management was very instrumental to insure that the roadways have been cleared for the elderly and disabled as they maintain a priority list for our community.

They were instrumental in maintaining a maintenance log for all complaints and maintenance requests to insure that they are handled expeditiously and the maintenance log is provided to the Board on a monthly basis for their review. They maintain strong communication skills with both the Board and residents as they meet weekly with the contractors, maintenance staff and members of the Board to insure consistency.

Most recently, there were several foreclosed units that had been abandoned and Precision Management worked cohesively with the condo attorney to receive possession of the units and rent them to recover the thousands of dollars of arrears the HOA had suffered. In speaking with other HOA’s in our area not one of the Board of Managers had indicated that their managing agent was as resourceful as Precision Management in this recovery effort.

Needless to say we are very pleased with the outstanding performance of Precision Management Group as they have been very loyal and dedicated to our community.

Thomas S.
Board of Directors