Our Story

Property Management Experts

Hard work and dedication have made Precision Management Group the trusted property management experts chosen to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of numerous prestigious properties.

With over 35 years of individual experience, the Precision Management Group is made up of a number of truly passionate principals who pride themselves on delivering a special brand of performance. We analyze the individual needs of your property and create solutions designed to address its financial, aesthetic and mechanical problems. As your property management experts we provide a hands-on approach and unprecedented dedication to your property for results you can measure.

Property Management Expertise – The Principles of our Principals

Unlike most property management companies, a principal of Precision Management Group brings his or her individual property management expertise to each site, until he or she is confident that it is operating to our demanding expectations. It is only at this point that one of our professional property management experts is chosen to maintain this same high level of quality performance.

We not only use the latest technology and cost saving programs, our real strength lies in our personalized service. We believe that effective property management is not effective from behind a desk; it requires constant visits on-site.

Just Overseeing a Property Isn’t Enough

As your property management experts, we recognize that paying attention to details will prevent costly oversights. Multiple weekly sight visits are essential to the following:

  • Visual inspections from rooftop to boiler room and the property grounds for cleanliness
  • Check that preventative maintenance programs are being adhered to by your staff for all mechanical equipment
  • Monitor the staffs work schedule and performance

In addition we provide periodic ‘meet the manager’ meetings with residents to insure their needs are being met.

Let us show you how our property management expertise has become the benchmark for quality throughout New York.