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How Does Your Management Company Compare?

Choosing the company that provides the right property management services for your property can be challenging. At Precision Management Group we provide you with guaranteed cost savings, maintenance programs, finance assistance, 24 hour service, and energy efficient programs that help protect your investment.

Precision Management Group was founded to fill a void in the property management services offered to shareholders/unit owners in protecting their investment. We saw the need for a property management firm that provided personalized services. Our services begin with an evaluation of the day-to-day operations of your property. After a careful review of all existing schedules, programs and policies, we tailor property management services that streamline operations and assist in the financial, technical, and aesthetic needs of your property for the Boards review.

Tailored Property Management Services

We recognize that properties all have different needs. That is why we examine every aspect of the financial and physical condition of your investment in an effort to create hand-tailored property management based upon your properties’ specific needs. Each property management service we suggest is implemented by a Precision Management executive and overseen by on-site visits several times a week. The services we provide include:

Do Your Property Management Services Produce Cost Savings?

Our property management services are designed to reap rewards in efficiency and cost savings. In fact, we guarantee you at least a 20% savings on one or more of your property expenses within the first year, or our property management service fee is free. At Precision focus on the individual needs of each property. We never use voicemail and a trained professional will respond to all your needs 24 hours a day.

Let us show you how our property management service has become the benchmark for quality throughout New York.

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We’ll save you at least 20% on specific operating costs the first year; or our property management services fee is free!