Capital Improvement

Property Management Capital Improvement

The best property management companies not only create programs for the present, they prepare for the future. At Precision we assist our properties in planning all major capital improvement projects. In conjunction with the Board, Precision will assist in one of the most important steps of any major capital improvement project… the hiring of the right architect or engineer. These professionals are paramount in defining the scope of work, preparing contracts and documents, and monitoring construction through completion.

Precision Management Group has supervised millions of dollars in property management capital improvement projects at no additional charge. These projects include:

  • Masonry and Roofing

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  • Boiler/Burner Conversion and Hot Water Heater Replacements

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  • Elevator Modernizations

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Capital Improvement – Investing in Your Investment

Investing in capital improvement projects maintains the longevity of your property, perhaps one of the largest investments you may ever make. Precision Management Group understands the importance of paying particular attention to all the technical, mechanical and structural aspects of your investment, performing preventive maintenance to avoid costly future repairs.

Let us show you how our property management capital improvement projects have become the benchmark for quality throughout New York

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