Communications Program

Property Management Systems

At Precision Management Group our time-proven property management systems are the reason we retain so many of our clients, year after year. Each program within our property management system is tailored to provide property aesthetics, preventative maintenance of all equipment, staff training and residents’ quality of life improvements.

Property Management Systems – Communication Programs

One of our most important property management systems is our communication program. Like any successful business relationship, effective property management begins with communication. In our case it’s the communication between the Precision management team and the property’s staff, board members and residents.

Resident Communication Programs: We maintain a direct line of communication with all residents through periodic open forum meetings where residents discuss their concerns. Precision provides quality assurance questionnaires to the residents to ensure that repairs, when needed, were completed in both a timely and effective manner.

Staff Communication: We spend a great deal of time training and working with staff. The staff is provided job descriptions and work schedules on a regular basis. Semi-annual evaluation reports are provided to both the employee and the Board to assure our high standards are being met.

Board Communication: We provide monthly management reports that keep the Board informed of all property activities. These reports include all financial, mechanical and administrative concerns. This monthly report is provided to the Board one week prior to each scheduled board meeting.

24 Hour Communication: We do not maintain a voice mail system. Each call is answered by a knowledgeable member of our team who will answer questions and respond to all concerns. Our live, 24 hour emergency system, guarantees that all issues are addressed immediately and resolved swiftly and effectively.

Property Management Systems-Cost Saving Programs

At Precision many of our property management systems include cost saving programs. From energy efficient programs to inventory controls, curtailing outsourcing, to providing staff with preventative maintenance programs to help minimize mechanical breakdowns, we institute programs and procedures that positively affect your bottom line.

In fact, during the first year, we guarantee that we can save you at least 20% on one or more of your property’s operating costs, or our management fee is free! That’s a promise you can take to the bank!

Let us show you how our property management systems have become the benchmark for quality throughout New York.

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