Cost Savings Program

Property Management Cost Savings

We’ll save you at least 20% on specific operating costs the first year; or our property management fee is free!

When it comes to property management cost savings our clients have come to expect consistent annual savings. Our expertise will protect your investment because we pay attention to details.

Compare your current property management company to Precision Management Group’s efficiencies with careful attention given to the following:

Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency has been a large part of our business since the company’s inception. We are known for our effectiveness in providing superior heat distribution, boiler preventative maintenance, computerized fuel consumption equipment for gas, oil and electrical usage and energy saving programs. These programs add up to a valuable savings, one you may not be getting with your current property management company.


Our property management cost savings concepts include educating, motivating and maximizing your staff’s potential, while overseeing vendors and contractors. By training inside staff to perform repairs that are usually outsourced, thousands of dollars can be saved annually. In addition we make sure all equipment is properly maintained to prevent premature and costly repairs.

Can Your Management Company Guarantee Property Management Cost Savings?

Does your existing property management company provide you with programs that consistently offer a realized cost savings? If not, then it’s time to contact Precision Management Group. Let us show you how our cost saving and energy efficiency programs have become the benchmark for quality, and made us a leading New York property management provider.

E-mail or call us 888-841-3130 for a free consultation with Precision Management Group today.