Property Management Financial Services

Precision Management Group has a number of financial services and finance reporting protocols that keep Board members informed of all financial matters regarding their investment.

Financial Services That Set Us Apart

Check Signing
Unlike most property management companies that sign monthly checks to contractors and vendors on your behalf, our check signing financial service program has members of the Board sign all the bi-monthly checks. This unique service gives you the opportunity to review charges before they are paid.

Monthly Reports
All expenditures are carefully accounted for, recorded and presented monthly in a detailed financial services report. This monthly financial report along with the bank reconciliation, is provided to the Board prior to the board meeting for your review.

Collection of Arrears
Precision has developed an effective system to collect monthly charges. A bi-monthly arrears report is generated for the management’s review. Initially, a three-day delinquency notice is mailed urging residents to speak to the collection department; if necessary this is followed by personal contact by the manager to get a better understanding of the problem and setup a payment plan. In some cases a more aggressive approach is necessary. Call or email us to learn more.

Uncollected Dues
Precision Management Group is unique in developing a legal procedure designed to collect monies on vacancies and foreclosures. Call or email to learn more.

Annual Budgets
An annual budget is an important planning tool for both our clients and our property management team. The account executive and manager works closely with the accountant and Board treasurer to create an annual budget that outlines costs and expenditures for the following year.

Let us show you how our property management financial services have become the benchmark for quality throughout New York.

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