Condominium & Homeowner Association Property Management

Hands-On Condominium & Homeowner Association (HOA) Property Management

At Precision we recognize unit owners are at liberty to rent or resell their units and very often without a screening committee unlike cooperatives. As a result the new renters or unit owners are not aware of the rules and regulations that govern each Condominium and HOA. At Precision Management Group we assist the Board of Managers to institute a Welcoming Committee or we will make every effort to meet each new unit owner and or renter to welcome and provide them with the rules, regulations and contact information and answer all questions they may have.

Each week Management walks throughout the community in an effort to observe and notify any resident who has not compiled with the rules of the Condominium or HOA.

Being responsible for all common areas, Management will stay in constant communication with the staff or contractors responsible for all the communities aesthetics and quality of life concerns.

Condominium & Homeowner Association (HOA) Property Management – Leave the Responsibility to Us

We tailor our Condominium & HOA property management services to alleviate many of the time-consuming responsibilities that often fall to the Board of Managers. We work closely with the Board to determine the needs of your community by providing a direct line of communication 24/7, where a trained staff member will answer your calls immediately since we do not maintain voicemail. At first an executive will manage the day to day operations until he/she recognizes the needs and chemistry of the community. Then, an experienced manager will be properly trained in all facets of maintaining your Condominium.

A specific bookkeeper is also selected suited for your Condominium or HOA. In the event, should there be questions regarding expenditures, arrears, monies collected, etc. members of the Board will be provided the name of their bookkeeper to contact for immediate answers.

We are a midsize management company that’s just the right size….small enough to give you the personalized attention you deserve and large enough to provide you with 30 years of resources you will come to expect along with award-winning excellence.

Let us show you how our Condominium & HOA Property Management has become the benchmark for quality throughout New York.